TCORE — Vault & Pool

One of the fundamental features of $TCORE is the staking system. In exchange for staking tokens permanently into either the Vault or Pool — you will receive on-going rewards forever.

This is a great way to earn passive income from your position. $TCORE has serious potential to rival $CORE (check out why, here), and early stakers will profit very well from it’s ascent.


To enter the vault, you must add $TCORE LP (half TCORE, half Ethereum.) Once you’ve entered — you’ll receive a share of a 1,5% tax that is applied to every transaction of TCORE.


Investors can enter the pool by staking TCORE + DAI tokens together into TCORE liquidity. Once done, they will begin receiving interest from a variety of profit strategy pools — which will be created & perfected over time.

Below, there will be a step-by-step guide to staking in the Vault or Pool

Staking into the Vault

Firstly, you must create $TCORE LP, this is done by combining $TCORE tokens with an equal (in value) amount of Ethereum.

(Please note : this is irreversable, once locked into liquidity, it’ll be locked forever. Although, you will be able to trade the LP tokens themselves)

With $TCORE — obtaining LP is made super easy using the TCOREZap tool. Depositing Ethereum into this tool, will automatically convert 50% into TCORE, and then use the other 50% to finish making LP tokens.

Just deposit Ethereum, and out comes $TCORE LP!

If you already have $TCORE, and would like to convert it into LP, you can visit here. On this page, you can use existing $TCORE with ETH to create LP — just enter the amount you wish to supply, and it’ll automatically balance the equation.

As example, suppling 1 $TCORE, and it automatically matches it with ETH

Once you have created your LP tokens, you’re ready to deposit them into the $TCORE vault. Navigate to the $TCORE website, and find the sTCOREVaults tab, here.

Just enter the amount of LP you’d like to stake, and hit “STAKE”, or to simplify it : just hit “STAKE ALL”. Confirm the transaction, and then you’re done. You’ll immediately start receiving your cut of the taxes generated from $TCORE transactions — forever.

To claim these rewards, just hit “CLAIM”! Simple as that.

Staking into the Pool

Depositing funds into the pool is much easier. All you have to do is buy $DAI — which you can easily do via Uniswap — then use the tool on the $TCORE website.

The APY will improve as the investing strategies are improved

Once deposited, you will be unable to remove the liquidity — forever receiving interest on your deposit as you provide liquidity.

Buy $TCORE on Uniswap and Bilaxy (Use a higher slippage if you get an undefined error).

Track $TCORE price here :

Overview of the entirety of $TCORE :

Other Resources

The Selective (written by)

Kindly written by The Selective Apes for TornadoCORE (TCORE).




A yield farmable deflationary DeFi token forked from CORE.

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A yield farmable deflationary DeFi token forked from CORE.

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