TCORE Roadmap

What is TCORE?

TCORE is a deflationary farming project, forked from cVault (CORE) source code. However, this isn’t just a simple fork — there have been many changes that build atop the already brilliant foundation of the original CORE. These changes maximize profits for Vault and Pool users, and the protocol will be continuously developed & improved for the benefit of investors.

Q1 2021

  • Multisig Implementation : Multisig makes the project more secure, by decentralizing the dev wallet. After implementation, the TCORE dev wallet will be under the control of several people: major holders, stakers, LGE providers, team, dev, advisors, auditor and NFT holders.
  • Marketing strategy implementation : beginning of a more active marketing campaign
  • Litepaper v1.0 release
  • Updates to the site : FAQ & About sections to be added.
  • Deploy TCORE / RFI pair : allows users to pair RFI & TCORE — thus capturing the 2% dividends from TCORE, and the 1% from RFI.
  • Open Balancer pool for stakers : this will facilitate the sale of LP tokens among holders.
  • NFT airdrop : The NFT airdrop is a mystery for most of the community. The website is being updated on a regularly basis with some encrypted information pertaining to the NFT airdrop. The countdown shows us 11 days to go… Some people think they know what to expect, time will tell if they are right.
  • NFT auction : The first NFTs that will be sold on auction will be incredibly rare — only 12 in total. These NFTS will bring APY to the holder and even increase overtime, and thus are expected to be highly coveted. The team is currently working on a periodically returning auction/staking related system that will make sure that every holder of TCORE benefits from the auctions.
  • Explore crosschain integration : Binance Smart Chain & Polkadot
  • Fully Implement decentralized governance

Q2 2021

  • Whitepaper v1.0 release
  • Staking pools open
  • Integration of partnership (TBA) pools
  • Project X announcement : an upcoming project that will benefit $TCORE holders.
  • Improvements to the website UI/UX

Q3 2021

  • Admin feedback system
  • Backend updates and developer tools
  • Project X Development
  • Platform expansion and partnerships
  • Cross-chain improvements
Upcoming AMA

What’s coming soon?

Since launch there has been tremendous growth of the community, and people have begun to see the massive potential of the $TCORE platform. Vaults & pools have been successfully implemented, and locked liquidity continues to grow daily.

Starting immediately, there will be a bigger focus on pushing the project to a wider audience — greatly expanding the amount of holders, and the price. Security will be bolstered on the project — implemented governance and multi-sig authorization for the dev wallet.

Soon there will be a mysterious airdrop of NFTs to holders of TCore — details to come, meanwhile :they will be teased on the countdown site. Also, there is going to be a NFT auction, which will be held in such a way that benefits all holders.


The Selective (written by)

Kindly written by @crypto_mission for Tornado (TCORE).



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A yield farmable deflationary DeFi token forked from CORE.